“My current painting practice is predominantly abstract nonobjective in style and is used as a way to translate onto canvas my subjective experience of the world around me and that of our current geopolitical climate. My paintings quite often have dynamic movements of colors and strong graphic elements, which help scribe and emote my intentions and is used as an aim to evoke moods or emotions in the viewer.

My methodology is one of exploring no traditional painting practices, using mixed medium techniques, such as collage, tissue and handmade papers, gesso’s, and various aggregates to establish a textural base. From there I will then use either, spray paints, colored inks to further help define the composition and emotional tone of the painting and finally end with applying heavy bodied acrylics using nontraditional, found objects as a painting tool and as a way to apply the acrylic paints.

I find this process helps me to connect with my subconscious energy and intuitive emotional state of being and within the act of exploring my freeform nonobjective style, I then am able to release this feeling of angst which can be present in one’s body and emotional being due to fact that we as humans are on the cusp of dynamic transformative changes.”

Artist: Leo Dias